Echo Billing Solutions, Inc.

Some frequently asked questions....

How does it work?

You may fill out a Daily Provider Log that we provide and for us to submit charges. When you receive payments, you fax or mail the  Explanation of Benefits (EOBs)  to us for posting. However, we do set up as many insurance companies as possible to remit electronic EOBs (ERAs) to minimize your time at a fax machine. 

Another option is for us to use your existing PM system to maintain all aspects of your billing. We work closely with a couple vendors so please feel free to inquire more about this type of setup. 

Will you bill out of network insurance companies?

Yes, EBS will submit claims to both in and out of network insurance companies alike. 

Will you bill worker’s compensation, auto accident and other injury cases?

EBS will verify, bill and follow up on injury cases.

Will EBS send patient statement’s? 

Yes, EBS runs a monthly patient statement cycle and reviews all statement’s for accuracy before mailing.

May patient’s call you regarding billing?

Yes, EBS is happy to assist patient’s with all their billing inquiries.